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An alternative to consider

If you follow news about the automobile industry at all, you have no doubt been bombarded with news of alternative fuel technologies.  Of course, everyone related to the auto industry is currently feverishly attempting to discover the next mass-market alternative fuel source to successfully power our vehicles.  While the electric, rechargeable battery received a lot of press this year, as your local Honda New Jersey dealer, we at Planet Honda would like to make you aware of another option in the alternative fuel market.

The vehicle is our Honda Civic Natural Gas, formally known as the Honda Civic GX.  To the untrained eye, the Honda Civic Natural Gas looks all but identical to the regular Honda Civic, save for a few identifying letters on its side.  But as always, it is what's on the inside that counts.  Inside the powerhouse of this four-door sedan's engine is, as the vehicle's name suggests, natural gas.  As Honda Corporate describes it quite cleverly, 'the best way to save gas is to not use it at all.'

As mentioned above, electric vehicles received a lot of airtime this year, especially for their "green" attributes.  While we are proponents of developing alternative fuel technologies like electric batteries, we at your Newark Honda dealership would like to let you in on a little secret - the electric vehicles are the "greenest cars" on the market, next to the Honda Civic Natural Gas. 

That's right, your Newark Honda dealership is proud of the fact that the Honda Civic Natural Gas was voted the greenest car on the market in 2011.  The said Civic is "greener" than electric vehicles because the natural gas source is sure to be "green" as well, where as electricity provided via a coal-powered plant cannot claim the same as true.

However, as is true with electric vehicles, natural gas filling stations are scarce across our country at this time.  But, once again the Honda Civic Natural Gas beats out its electric vehicle competitors in this category thanks to the fact that there are nearly 900 natural gas charging stations across the country currently.  What's more, only five states exist with no charging station.

So the next time you are in the market for a new vehicle and you are interested in a vehicle that runs on an alternative fuel source, do not forget to check out a Honda Civic Natural Gas sedan at your local Honda New Jersey dealership of Planet Honda.  You just might like what you find.

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