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Planet Honda Blog

2015 Honda CR-V Holds Value Longer than Competition

It would be pretty nice if buying a new car was the same sort of investment as buying a house, where your time, money and passion for the thing you're purchasing ultimately results in a profit when you sell it off some years down the road.

But as we all know, that's not the way buying a new car works. According to iSeeCars.com, the average new vehicle in America loses 17% of…

Honda Debuts New 2016 Honda Pilot Ads

It's time to start getting really excited about the completely-redesigned 2016 Honda Pilot, which will reach your Route 22 Honda dealership in the coming months, to the delight of drivers all over the state of New Jersey.

In an attempt to really drum up enthusiasm for the versatile large SUV, Honda recently released two new television advertisements showing just how fun and utilitarian the new 2016 Honda Pilot can be.

The first spot is…

Two Honda Models Among “Most Comfortable”

Whether you're driving to work or gearing up for a cross-country vacation, it's really important that the vehicle you drive be comfortable. In fact, there are plenty of consumers all over the world that will pay massive mountains of money to ensure that this happens, but as we've learned over the course of the last several years selling cars here in New Jersey, real comfort doesn't necessarily have to be expensive…

2015 Honda Accord, CR-V, Fit Among Best Family Vehicles

When people have children it very often means it's time to buy a new family vehicle, either out of a need for more interior space, improved safety features or added cargo room. Also, while the 2015 Honda Odyssey is an amazing minivan, not everybody is necessarily interested in investing in the ultimate people-pusher and grocery-getter, so at Planet Honda we are very happy to stock so many different vehicles that can fit the needs…

2015 Honda Accord Offers Top-Rate Safety

Put as simply as possible, the 2015 Honda Accord is a truly excellent automobile, and it earns that lofty distinction for a whole host of reasons. One of the most underrated of those reasons, however, is all the great safety features it offers, mostly because all of the attention engineers have paid to safety has resulted in some excellent safety ratings from both the federal government and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

It all…

Honda Big Winner in “Car Wars” Report

We talked last week about how exciting the upgraded 2016 Honda Pilot is for that particular model line, and we also know that the 2016 model year also will feature a slick new next-gen 2016 Honda Civic and the all-new HR-V compact crossover. Frankly, it?s one of the most exciting model years in recent Honda history, but the annual Bank of America Merrill Lynch "Car Wars" report tells us that that 2016 is?

Redesigned 2016 Honda Pilot Coming Soon

Last month was a very exciting one for us here at Planet Honda, as we saw the arrival of the all-new 2016 Honda HR-V, but while our dealers here in the building still haven't quite gotten over that new-toy-at-Christmas feeling in regards to that vehicle, they are even more thrilled to be given the opportunity to sell yet another new SUV: the completely updated third-generation 2016 Honda Pilot.

Obviously when it comes to Honda…

2015 Honda Fit Among Most Affordable Cool Cars

Automakers' biggest struggle in the modern age is putting together as much value as they can in their vehicles, providing just enough modern technology, horsepower, storage space and safety features to keep up with the competition and still turn a profit. While keeping prices as low as possible is a priority in this ongoing battle, making the car "cool" simply can't always be the foremost concern.

Sometimes, though, a vehicle comes off the line…

Honda College Graduate Program Offers $500 Credit

After almost every college graduation comes a graduation party, where family friends and relatives offer well wishes and, if the young person is lucky, an envelope with a little bit of cash in it, the better to start their adult lives in a new apartment and with a new car.

Well, at Planet Honda we won't be attending any graduation parties (unless they're for our own children, obviously), but we can hook up…

2015 Honda Accord Among Best Green Cars

We occasionally have customers ask us whether or not sales of hybrid vehicles will suffer now that gas prices have come back down to a reasonable level, and the answer is, emphatically, "Of course not!"

Even if consumers are generally saving money because of lower fuel costs, that doesn't mean they don't want to save even more money each month through the purchase of a more efficient automobile. Plus, green cars provide the…
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